Lumi chocolates is a one-woman band, selling hand-crafted artisanal chocolates. From boxes of beautiful, shiny bonbons to flavour-packed bars and barks, decadent snacking bars, seasonal specials and lollipops for the kids, my chocolate is all created with an emphasis on seasonality, sustainability, ethically-sourced cocoa, and eco-friendly packaging. I create beautiful, delicious and indulgent chocolates using only the finest quality ingredients.

Having worked as a pastry chef for the best part of a decade, followed by a few years working in recipe development, I have a really good sense of what goes with what. For me it’s all about finding the perfect balance of sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, softness and crunch. I also think that fine chocolate is something that should look beautiful, as well as taste it, something to really slow down and savour. And since chocolate is something we give whether we’re celebrating or commiserating, I think it should raise a smile. And I hope you’ll find that my chocolates do just that.

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