This really is at the centre of my business. I feel passionately about reducing the impact we have on the world around us, and I really do believe that we each need to do our bit. As such, I’m absolutely committed to using eco-friendly packaging in all my products. I can assure you that you won’t ever find my bonbons sitting in plastic inserts, or wrapped in unnecessary packaging. I use recyclable Kraft paper boxes for my bonbons, and Kraft paper pouches for my bars, which means they do look quite plain, but this is a good lesson in not judging a book by its cover – the contents are anything but plain!

There are huge sustainability and welfare issues surrounding cocoa farming, including deforestation, child labour and farmer poverty. For this reason I only use chocolate from producers that are committed to tackling these problems, All the chocolate I use comes under either the Cocoa Horizons programme, or the Cacao Trace programme. Click on the links to read more about these incredible programmes which are helping to educate and empower cocoa farming communities, whilst protecting and enriching the natural environment around them.